Tulips Flowers
Houston, TX

Tulips Flowers
Houston, TX

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Houston Tulip Bouquets Delivery

Tulips are the quintessential spring flower. With bold colors, sleek form, and classic beauty, a Tulip bouquet brings joy and energy to any occasion. Not only do tulips stay verdant longer than many other flowers, but they also ignite the imagination.

No matter your taste, we will have a Tulip Arrangement that will get your heart pounding. Share in the bliss of these bold bulbs by ordering a Tulip Bouquet to be delivered to a friend or loved one. Choose from a wide range of hues. From blood-red to coral, we have tulips that will excite and wow anyone and everyone. Go monochromatic for a statement that is sure to get noticed or select an assortment of daring colors.

Coming in season September – October

Isidora tulips are a shining example of the gleaming brilliance of premium and sizable blooms. We only select the finest flowers for your shop and our tulips are no exception. So, don’t be shy about your passion for pretty petals, vivid blooms, and energetic flowers, and order a tulip bouquet today from Isidora Flowers. We’ll even deliver your bundle of blooms to your home, office, or another Houston locale.

Unique Tulip Types

A “single tulip” isn’t a tulip looking for a partner–it’s a tulip with one row of petals. Single tulips are the typical 6-petal, cup-shaped blooms. There are early and late single tulips. This just denotes when they bloom and the size associated with their bloom time. Late tulips are often larger in size and stem length. They can reach up to 40-inches in height. Early tulips are more petite, reaching up to 18-inches in height.

A double tulip has two or more layers of petals. There are also peony tulips, which resemble their namesake, the peony.

How to Care for Your Tulips

While tulips are one of the longest-lasting blooms, they are quite delicate to the touch. This means you must handle them with care. As you carry your tulips, be sure to avoid bumping, crushing, or touching the blooms. Always carry them by their stems.

When you unwrap your tulips, trim the bottom inch off the stem and place them in cool, fresh water in your Isidora vase. Place your vase out of direct sunlight and never in a hot environment. As a reminder, we’ve added care instructions to your tulip package.