Peonies Flowers
Houston, TX

Peonies Flowers
Houston, TX

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The Elegant Peony Flower

This fringed and feminine flower is a top contender for most whimsical in the world of seasonal blooms. With large flowerheads and layer upon layer of petals, peonies offer an abundance of beauty that slowly unfurls. The peony is an elegant and sophisticated choice for any occasion, and they come in a wide array of vivid hues. And when kept in water, they last longer than typical roses.

The Meaning Behind a Peony Flower Bouquet

An excellent and exquisite option for a Midwesterner that has relocated to the sunny state of Texas. Why? The peony flower bouquet of Houston is a symbol of the Midwest. This highly petalled flower also represents royalty, loyalty, and virtuosity in Chinese culture. In Greek culture, the peony is a symbol is bashfulness, and in Japan, this lavished flower is a token of bravery and honor.

Peonies in the Anniversary Bouquet

We dare you to skip the roses this year and surprise your lucky spouse with a bouquet of peonies. Why give peonies for an anniversary? Peonies are long-lasting and quite exquisite with more petals than most roses. Let each layer of petals represent a year to come in your marriage or relationship. Or let the complexity and intricacy of the peony embody each way you love your spouse.

Peony Flower Bouquet in Houston

You don’t have to be a floral expert to revel in the beauty of the peony. The peony elevates any floral arrangement and creates quite the dramatic stir as a standalone flower. When peonies are in season, we carry as many shapes, sizes, and colors as we can. This charming flower exudes depth and grace and is less common than the rose. Often coming in spring colors, the Peony flower bouquet in Houston pairs perfectly with other spring blossoms.