Romance and Love

Romance and Love

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Flowers the Symbolize Love

There is no gesture more iconic of love than giving the gift of flowers. For centuries beloveds have presented flowers to show their undying passion and admiration for the person they love. This symbol of love spans cultures. Today is no different.

To make the most profound statement of love, choose from our lavish and sophisticated selection of Love and Romance Floral Arrangements. Our floral designer has expertly selected the finest flowers and created the most fantastic compositions, so we are sure you will find one that captures your love perfectly.

Romance and Love Gifts

What Is the Quintessential Flower of Love?

If you have to ask, you may be from Mars. The red rose is by far the most popular choice as a flower for love. However, for contemporary couples, many are leaning away from the red rose and selecting other flower types that offer a bit more surprise and pizazz. One of the sweetest aspects of choosing a flower other than the red rose is that the chosen flower becomes a personalized symbol of love for the couple–a symbol that is unique to them.

Even a fresh bouquet of sensational flowers can offer a renewal of deep, undying love. So, remember to have fun when selecting a Flower Arrangement that represents love. Consider orchids, tulips, sunflowers, dahlias, poppies, carnations, even hydrangeas.

If you have red roses in mind, be sure to talk to our floral designer about how you can add even more wow-factor with Isidora’s style.

The Connection Between Love And Flowers

The link between flowers and love dates back beyond written history–and it’s easy to understand why. Flowers have always captivated the human imagination, so has love. But one of the first noted links between roses and love comes from Greek and Roman Mythology. It was believed that Aphrodite, the goddess of love, created the red rose. The story goes that Aphrodite wept over her lover, Adonis’s blood, and from that spot, the red rose grew. This established the red rose as a symbol of love until death.

Of course, poets such as Shakespeare have used the rose as a metaphor for love and beauty, as well.

At Isidora, we challenge you to make your own love story connected to the one-of-a-kind flower arrangement we will help you create for the person you love.